Welcome to the world of DEGEN

Risk is our middle name and fortune favors the bold!

In this exhilarating realm, we invite you to become part of our degenerate cabal as we strive to make it big in life through the power of cryptocurrency on the degen chain Avalanche.

Degen Tokens

$DEGEN the utility token fueling our ecosystem with chaos and rewards. Hold $DEGEN404 for the ultimate degenerate experience, where “for the culture” believers receive a drip of any project income and ride the madness to the top.

Embrace the chaos, defy norms, and let degeneracy lead the way! 💥🌀

$1.50 / 0.05559 WAVAX

5M: 0%

1H: 0%

6H: 0.2%

24H: 5.89%

$176.34 / 117.3546 Degen

5M: 0%

1H: 0%

6H: 1.55%

24H: 15.76%

Become a Degen

By following these steps, you can successfully purchase $DEGEN ERC20 tokens on Trader Joe DEX. Remember to verify all transaction details before confirming the swap.

Trader Joe

The first step is to visit Trader Joe, a decentralized exchange on the Avalanche (AVAX) network.

Initiate the Swap

Click on the "Swap" feature on the platform to start the token exchange process. In the initial token selection, choose AVAX as the currency you wish to swap. Then, search for the $DEGEN contract address: "0x95430905F4BdA123d41BA96600427d2C92B188a" in the token selection.

Swap AVAX for $DEGEN

After selecting the $DEGEN token using its contract address, proceed to swap your AVAX for $DEGEN tokens. Enter the amount of AVAX you want to exchange for $DEGEN and confirm the transaction. Ensure you have enough AVAX in your wallet to cover the swap and any associated fees.

Meet the team

Team Member 1

Hanman Crypto

Head Degen

Creator with the vision of bringing all DEGENs together.

Team Member 2

Jules in Oz

The Treasurer

Crunches the numbers and ensures processes are aligned.

Team Member 3


The Investigator

Blockchain expert ensuring the cross chain explorations are met.

Team Member 4


The Builder

Jack of all trades and makes sure it happens when its suppose too.